Results Lyric of Love Lies Khalid & Normani Songs

  1. Khalid
    Love Lies
  2. Khalid
    Love Lies (Rick Ross Remix)
  3. Elton John
    Funeral For A Friend (love Lies Bleeding)
  4. Elton John
    Love Lies Bleeding
  5. Strangeways
    Love Lies Dying
  6. Dire Straits
    Love Over Gold
  7. Him
    Love in Cold Blood
  8. Dinah Washington
    You let My Love Grow Cold
  9. Protoje
    Love Gone Cold
  10. Bon Jovi
    Love Lies
  11. The Bunny the Bear
    Love Lies
  12. Blitzen Trapper
    Love Grow Cold
  13. Gene Clark
    Where My Love Lies Aleep
  14. State of Shock
    Life, Love & Lies
  15. Swans
    Our Love Lies
  16. Basia
    Love Lies Bleeding
  17. Flower Kings
    For The Love Of Gold
  18. Him
    Love in Cold Blood (Remix)
  19. Fryars
    Love So Cold
  20. Walk Off The Earth
    Love Lies
  21. Dream Theater
    Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
  22. Elton John
    Warm Love In A Cold World
  23. Kelly Rowland
    Love Lies In (Strange Places)
  24. Babylon Zoo
    Love Lies Bleeding
  25. Culture Club
    Love is Cold
  26. Out With The Old
    Of Love & Lies
  27. Lefty Frizzel
    Don't Stay Away (till Love Grows Cold)
  28. Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler
    Love Over Gold
  29. Elton John
    Love So Cold
  30. Roy Orbison
    Love Is A Cold Wind
  31. Secession
    Love Lies bleeding
  32. Diana Ross
    Love Lies
  33. The Kiffness
    Love Go Cold
  34. Renaissance
  35. Lynn Morris Band
    Love Grown Cold
  36. Cross
    Love Lies Bleeding (she Was A Wicked Wily Waitress)
  37. Queen
    Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked Wily Waitress)
  38. Diana Ross
    Love's Lies
  39. Struck
    Love Lies, That I Despise
  40. Andre Merritt
    Love Lied
  41. Amazing Blondel
    Love Lies Bleeding
  42. Misc
    Love Lies Bleeding (she Was A Wicked Wily Waitress)
  43. Mark Knopfler
    Love Over Gold
  44. Frank Sinatra
    Love Lies
    Love For Gold
  46. Simple Jack
    Love Lies Lust
    Where Love Lies Bleeding
  48. Redemption
    Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
  49. Deborah Bonham
    Love Lies
  50. Khalid
    Another Sad Love Song

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