Results Lyric of Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler Ballad Of The Green Berets Songs

  1. Elvis Hitler
    Ballad Of The Green Berets
  2. Johnny Cash
    Ballad Of The Green Beret
  3. The Rural Alberta Advantage
    The Ballad Of The Raa
  4. Korn
    Children Of The Korn
  5. Lamb of God
    Blood Of The Scribe
  6. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
    Ballad Of The Mighty I
  7. The Coral
    Song Of The Corn
  8. The Last Ten Seconds of Life
    Ballad of the Butcher
  9. The Birds of Satan
    The Ballad of the Birds of Satan
  10. Ufo
    Ballad of the Left Hand Gun
  11. Everything But The Girl
    Ballad of the Times
  12. The Dear Hunter
    Blood of the Rose
  13. The Tossers
    The Ballad Of The Thoughtful Rover
  14. Asleep At The Wheel
    Ballad of the Alamo
  15. Car Seat Headrest
    The Ballad of the Costa Concordia
  16. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
    The Ballad Of The Sin Father
  17. Marty Robbins
    Ballad Of The Alamo
  18. At The Gates
    Blood Of The Sunsets
  19. Sweet Honey in the Rock
    Ballad of the Broken Word/Give the People Their Right 14to Vote!
  20. Monkey Swallows The Universe
    Ballad Of The Breakneck Bride
  21. Brocas Helm
    Drink The Blood Of The Priest
  22. Garden Of Shadows
    Heart Of The Corona
  23. The Black League
    Blood Of The Gods
  24. Father John Misty
    Ballad of the Dying Man
  25. Heaven Shall Burn
    Passage of the Crane
  26. Green Lizard
    Ballad of the boy
  27. Noel Gallagher
    Ballad of the Mighty I
  28. Foo Fighters
    Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners
  29. Ray Stevens
    The Ballad of the Blue Cyclone (The Beginning)
  30. Kingston Trio
    The Ballad of the Shape of Things
  31. Ray Stevens
    The Ballad of the Blue Cyclone (The End?)
  32. Six Feet Under
    Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane
  33. Leonard Cohen
    Ballad of The Absent Mare
  34. Manowar
    Blood Of The Kings
  35. Coldplay
    Ballad Of The Soldier's Wife
  36. City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
    Blood of the Dragon
  37. Wishbone Ash
    Ballad Of The Beacon
  38. Irish Moutarde
    The Wearing of the Green
  39. Soundtrack Artists
    The Song Of The Green Dragon
  40. Lyle Lovett
    Ballad of The Snow Leopard & The Tanqueray Cowboy
  41. Mountain
    Blood of the Sun
  42. Phil Ochs
    The Ballad of The Carpenter
  43. Marianne Faithfull
    Ballad of The Soldier's Wife
  44. Vinnie Paz
    Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
  45. Billy Bragg
    Blood of The Lamb
  46. Sting
    Ballad of the Great Eastern
  47. Talib Kweli
    Ballad Of The Black Gold
  48. Wilco
    Blood Of The Lamb
  49. Edguy
    Defenders of the Crown
  50. Elton John
    Dan Dare (Pilot Of The Future)

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