Results Lyric of The Penguins Earth Angel Songs

  1. The Penguins
    Earth Angel
  2. The Penguins
    Earth Angel (will You Be Mine)
  3. Zach Callison
    Peace and Love on the Planet Earth
  4. The Four Seasons
    Earth Angel
  5. Steven Universe
    Love And Peace In The Planet Earth
  6. The Penguins
    The Devil That I See
  7. The Monkees
    The Good Earth
  8. The New York Room
    Within The Folds Of Angel Wings
  9. The Crew Cuts
    Earth Angel
  10. The Penguins
    You're an Angel
  11. Dream Theater
    On The Backs Of Angels
  12. Mammoth Penguins
    March of the Penguins
  13. LeAnn Rimes
    On The Side of Angels
  14. Elton John
    In The Hands Of Angels
  15. Jedi Mind Tricks
    Into The Arms Of Angels
  16. Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
    Baptized By The Blood Of Angels
  17. Van Morrison
    Across The Bridge Where Angels Dwell
  18. Jedi Mind Tricks
    The Rage of Angels
  19. Andrews Sisters
    The Christmas Tree Angel
  20. Death Cab For Cutie
    Earth Angel
  21. Nile
    Rape of the Black Earth
  22. Elvis Presley
    Earth Angel
  23. Aaron Neville
    Earth Angel
  24. Filter
    The Trouble With Angels
  25. David Sylvian
    The Day Earth Stole Heaven
  26. New Edition
    Earth Angel
  27. Lorne Balfe
    The Penguins of Madagascar
  28. Nerissa & Katryna Nields
    Glow In The Dark Plastic Angel
  29. Marty Stuart
    Sometimes the Pleasure's Worth the Pain
  30. Johnny Tillotson
    Earth Angel
  31. Kermit
    Moves Like Jagger (Scooter and the Penguins
  32. The Penguins
    Promises, Promises, Promises
  33. The Penguins
    Baby Let's Make Some Love
  34. Waterboys
    The Crash Of Angels Wings
  35. My Dying Bride
    I Am The Bloody Earth
  36. Rotting Christ
    Sleep The Sleep Of Angels
  37. Ghoti Hook
    Earth Angel
  38. Kaddisfly
    A Message To The Flat Earth Society
  39. Underlined
    Salvation In The City Of Angels
  40. Men Without Hats
    In The Name Of Angels
  41. It Bites
    Murder of the Planet Earth
  42. Clinic
    Earth Angel
  43. Daysend
    The Blood Of Angels
  44. Swedish House Mafia
    The Island (Steve Angello, AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix)
  45. Human Nature
    Earth Angel
  46. L.A. Guns
    Lost In The City Of Angels
  47. Stuart Marty
    Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain
  48. Kris Drever
    Mark the Hard Earth
  49. Ayreon
    Back On The Planet Earth
  50. The Penguins
    Hey Senorita

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