Results Lyric of Pharrell Williams To Host Elite New York Charity Ball Songs

  1. Dar Williams
    Southern California Wants to Be Western New York
  2. Susannah McCorkle
    Do You Miss New York?
  3. Waylon Jennings
    Too Dumb For New York
  4. Short Stack
    New York City Ballet
  5. Westernhagen Marius
    Du Hast Dich Nie Gewehrt
  6. New York Dolls
    Talk to Me Baby
  7. Pharrell Williams
    Happy Pharrell Williams
  8. Baka to Test Shoukanjuu Ni!
    Eureka Baby
  9. Ty Herndon
    In A New York Second
  10. New York Dolls
    Take Me to Your Party
  11. The New York Community Choir
    Make Every Day Count
  12. Alicia Keys
    New York
  13. New York Dolls
    I Sold My Soul to the Junkman
  14. New York Dolls
    It's Too Late [Take 2]
  15. The New York Rel-X
    Taxed To Live
  16. New York Trio
    Stairway To the Stars
  17. Pharrell Williams
  18. Trúc Nhân
    Người Ta Có Thương Mình Đâu
  19. Frank Sinatra
    New York, New York
  20. Taylor Swift
    Welcome To New York
  21. Newsies-Original Broadway Cast
    King of New York
  22. Rammstein
    Du Hast
  23. Pharrell Williams
    Know Who You Are
  24. Pharrell Williams
    Happy (From "Despicable Me 2")
  25. Pharrell Williams
    Brand New
  26. Billy Joel
    New York State Of Mind
  27. Pharrell Williams
    Lose Yourself to Dance
  28. Eric Roberson
    I'm Not Trying to Keep Score No More
  29. Sting
    Englishman In New York
  30. Pharrell Williams
  31. Alicia Keys
    Streets of New York
  32. Leanne & Naara
    New York And Back
  33. Drake
    6PM In New York
  34. Pharrell Williams
    Come Get It Bae
  35. Lars Winnerbäck
    Om Du Lämnade Mig Nu
  36. Liza Minnelli
    New York New York
  37. Pharrell Williams
    Sangria Wine
  38. No Use For A Name
    Fairytale Of New York
  39. Max
    Still New York
  40. Harry Styles
    Ever Since New York
  41. Lenny Kravitz
    New York City
  42. Q Da Fool
    Runnin Thru New York
  43. Don Williams
    Too Late to Turn Back Now
  44. New York Voices
    Now or Never
  45. New York Dolls
    Temptation To Exist
  46. Oak Ridge Boys
    If We Ever Needed The Lord Before We Sure Do Need Him Now
  47. New York Dolls
    It's Too Late
  48. Ed Sheeran
    New York
  49. Newsies
    King Of New York
  50. Rammstein
    Du Hast (German)

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